Didsbury, Withington, Wythenshawe Mortgage Broker

Manchester Mortgages, the popular Manchester based mortgage brokering service is about to open new locations in Prestwich, Wythenshawe, Withington, Didsbury and Bury.

Those people wanting a mortgage service in south Manchester will be be pleased to find Manchester Mortgages will now be providing them an excellent advisory service for people wanting new mortgages, remortgages or just any form of adjustment to their mortgages in general.

wythenshawemortgagebrokerSouth Manchester is currently experiencing a mortgage boom with many new mortgage deals being completed every week. According to Alan Dee, one of the partners at Manchester Mortgages, the number of applicants for mortgages in the areas of Disdbury and Withington is growing all the time, and has doubled over the last 5 years. These impressive figures are however dwarfed by mortgage brokering applications in Wythenshawe, which due to the Manchester Airport development over the next 5 years, has become a boom area.

Prestwich and Bury lie on the other side of Manchester and are also very desirable areas to live, boasting good motorway access and high areas of green belt land that is attractive to home buyers.

Link: Get a downloadable map of South Manchester here – ideal for know the areas covered by Manchester Mortgages.

New build houses in Wythenshawe

The area of Greater Manchester known as Wythenshawe is booming. Affordable housing, with great access to the motorway network and the creation of many new jobs from the likes of Amazon and Manchester airport, mean that Wythenshawe is having a property boom.

Wythenshawe, Greater ManchesterAs an area, Wythenshawe has come a long way. 20 years ago parts of it were “no go areas”, it was run down, dilapidated and crime friendly. Now, many of the old decrepit estates of the 1950’s and 60’s have been pulled down and the whole area regenerated by building smart new houses and developments that will attract inward investment and families. One such development is this one in Newall Green, Wythenshawe.

As every house buyer is aware, the cost of housing is not cheap, and new build housing is no exception. As an added incentive (especially for families and first time buyers) to move to Wythenshawe, specialist mortgages can be arranged that offer a significantly better deal to homeowners than what is offered by the usual mortgage.

Better interest rates on mortgage repayments and fixed interest deals are two ways that people buying in Wythenshawe can take advantage of when buying a house. Interest rates are currently low, but they can’t really go any lower, so the only way is for them to rise. By fixing the interest rate of a mortgage for say 5 years, you are guaranteed to be repaying money at this low rate even when interest rates go up.

It pays to be smart with mortgages and getting the right mortgage will save you thousands of pounds over its course.

Buying property in Manchester

Just look at the cranes which dominate the Manchester skyline for proof of the location’s booming belongings marketplace – but it’s no longer all approximately big developers.

Manchester skylineMaking an investment in property – whether or not it’s a run down terraced house or a prepared-made purchase to let loose right away – is a splendid way to make money, anything your budget.

So, we’ve quizzed estate retailers, builders and investment companies to prepare a manual on making a living from the local property market.

to break it down we’ve break up it into 5 extraordinary fashions; student lets, on the spot go back, long term investment, off-plan traits and ‘fixer uppers’

South Manchester has a mixture of proper schools, exquisite delivery hyperlinks and a selection of housing stock, which makes it a very good option for everyone seeking out a especially solid place to invest. And our professionals endorse looking at Wythenshawe in particular.

The extension of the Metrolink service to the place is already inflicting increasing call for for belongings there.

Rob Jones, director of belongings funding uk, stated: “The infrastructure in business and commerce near the airport is truely having – and set to continue to have – a ripple impact on demand and residence expenses are constantly growing.

“Wythenshawe i would absolutely say is part of that and should get growth as nicely.” – Barratt homes have a link here.

A spokesperson for Manchester Airport said: “The boom of Manchester Airport additionally brings advantages to the encircling groups and the broader location as a whole in some of ways. From activity introduction, increased inward investment/tourism and monetary benefits from our annual dividend, a developing Manchester Airport is a fine for hundreds of thousands of human beings.”

over the years, some regions of Wythenshawe have had a terrible reputation however successful assets traders will inform you not to decide a e book with the aid of its cowl.

Wythenshawe has gone through a huge shift in current years. With growing delivery infrastructure in the area by means of manner of the Metrolink as well as the £280m airport growth scheme, the city is truly at the way up.

Sean Callaghan, coping with Director at Callaghans property Agent, stated: “As with many inner city regions, Wythenshawe has experienced high degrees of unemployment, underachieving schools and a loss of high grade shopping centers.

“The injection of funding into the vicinity, extended job opportunity and more low priced housing is already having a high-quality effect. we have visible a marked turnaround in current years with the refurbishment of the Civic Centre, increased employment at Manchester Airport and the Amazon Warehouse.

“In terms of belongings we realize that long-term, relaxed positions at the airport will create a similarly demand for first time consumers and investment buyers.”

Mortgages in Wythenshawe

With all the new properties available in Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester (source: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/new-homes-for-sale/Wythenshawe.html), it’s not a surprise that many mortgage brokers and advisors are busy.

Manchester Council’s Strategic Regeneration Framework for Wythenshawe is worth reading as it discusses the Council’s plans for this up and coming area. New houses are being built and the area is the #1 growth area in the UK outside London.

Getting a mortgage for a house in Wythenshawe should be easy if you approach the right mortgage broker. This blog is has several articles that discuss mortgage brokers or lenders in Wythenshawe – simply look through some of the other articles and you’ll find links to plenty of other sites.

Wythenshawe is one of the cheapest areas to live in Manchester but with all the regeneration going on this is set to change. So there are many people advising you get a foothold in this developing of Manchester soon as your property prices should soar over the next 5-10 years.

Cheap mortgages in Wythenshawe ?

It’s a big move, buying a house, but according to this article the BBC web site, there will soon be an abundance of cheap mortgages on the market that are available to many people.

Wythenshawe centreHaving these products on the market does not mean that they will be easy to find though. One of the major constraints to people getting the best mortgage deals that are available to them is the problem that many mortgage lenders only provide a small number of mortgage products and ignore all the others.

The reason they do this is usually profit. Companies will only offer the best deals for them. For example, if we take the up and coming Manchester area of Wythenshawe, many brokers provide mortgages to customers on which they (the brokers) will profit the most.

The best way to avoid falling into this trap is to use an independent mortgage lender. Why? Because independent mortgage lenders can offer products from the whole of the market rather than just a hand picked selected few. Again, going back to Wythenshawe, many mortgage companies will offer 20 or so mortgages to people wishing to move into the area, but by comparison there are actually 177 different mortgages available!

So, shop widely and wisely to find the best mortgage for you.