Getting a Mortgage Can Be Tough

Getting a mortgage these days can be tough work – unless you know where to look.

Mortgage brokering experts Manchester Mortgages (see have recommended that anyone looking to get on the housing ladder in Greater Manchester or Lancashire should first talk to them.

Property in Manchester is going very quickly at the moment and although over the last ten years or so the housing market has been static with very little movement on prices, this trend has recently started to change.

stalybridge, tamesideCouples and families are now more able to raise the necessary finances to buy a house. For example, in a recent Manchester mortgages case study a family in Ashton were looking to move to Stalybridge, from a 2 bedroomed appartment into a 3 bedroomed house. They had sold their Ashton home within a week of it going on the market and there was competition for the Stalybridge house from 2 other interested parties.

Their mortgage brokers were able to use their considerable knowledge in acquiring a mortgage and get them a confirmed 2.55% mortgage offer over 25 years within one day of confirming their suitability.

With new housing now being built by Manchester Council (see, there will be considerable interest in getting a mortgage to buy a home from many new people. It’s unknown whether houses are going to be built in either Stalybridge or Ashton but watch this space for more details.