Off the top of your head…

If we asked you the following mortgages related questions would you know the answers?


  • Who is your mortgage with
  • What interest rate you are paying
  • What is the current mortgage amount outstanding
  • How much per month are your mortgage payments
  • Are you in a fixed rate – if so when does it end
  • What rate will your mortgage revert to after any current deals ends
  • What will your new mortgage payments be per month
  • Are you paying your lender’s standard variable rate
  • The current value of your house

Once your current rate ends unless you review your mortgage you will revert to your lender’s Standard Variable Rate ( SVR ) – dependent on lender this could mean a rate of anywhere between 3% and 6% .

If looking to change lender ( re-mortgage ) you need to be reviewing your mortgage 3 months before your current deal ends as with re-mortgage solicitors have to be involved in the process which sometimes can delay matters.


If employed how much & for how long will your employer pay you if off work

If self employed – do you have any cover in place to protect your income if off work

If your income stopped due to accident or illness how would you be able to pay your monthly mortgage and bills and maintain your ( and if applicable your family ) lifestyle.


If you died how much life cover do you have – would it repay your mortgage

If you had a critical illness such as a Heart Attack or suffered a Cancer have you cover which would pay out for a second opinion and access to treatment by the best doctors in the world.

Do you have any policies which offer cover / treatment for your children in the event of them suffering a critical illness.

Time flies by and peoples circumstances change – it maybe that when you last took out your existing cover you were young, free & single – but now you are married / living with your partner and have children and a bigger mortgage !

Life companies now offer much more by way of benefits and flexibility in their policies – Manchester Mortgages can review your existing policies and advise on the best way to provide the cover you need to suit your present circumstances.


If you’re being honest you most probably knew a few of answers straight away such as your mortgage lender and how much your mortgage payments currently are – the rest maybe not.