Why use a Manchester Mortgage Broker / Adviser ?

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Avatar of meI’m Alan Arthurs and this is my advice site about Manchester mortgages and mortgage brokers. I decided to set it up because I got fed up with all the poor information and time wasting that I had to go through when I tried to get a mortgage. It should be easy right? It wasn’t…

Most High Street mortgage brokers and lenders struggle to offer customers a mortgage interview at short notice with customers usually having to wait 2 to 3 weeks for an appointment – not ideal when you’re looking to buy a house or have already had an offer accepted on one.

If you approach your Bank or Building Society for a mortgage they can only advise on what they can offer from their product range. Additionally, you have to meet their lending criteria… If only I’d known about a ‘whole of market’ mortgage broker / advisor, I wouldn’t have gone near a High Street lender, and I’ve have saved myself weeks of wasted time….

By contacting a Manchester mortgage broker you can get good independent advice about the whole of the mortgage market throughout Manchester and they can recommend the most suitable mortgage package as we are not tied to any one particular lender. This gives them a distinct advantage because:

  • mortgage offerNot everybody’s situation is straight forward and ticks the box of high street lenders.
  • You might be employed with a large part of your income made up of Overtime Bonuses.
  • You might be employed on a zero hour contract.
  • You might be self employed
  • You may have had credit problems in the past.
  • You might be in receipt of state benefits

An independent mortgage broker in Manchester will match your particular circumstances to the best deal ensuring that you are offered the most competitive rates available to you. We work on behalf of YOU and not the Lender, Estate Agent or Builder.

Manchester Mortgage Brokers / Advisers are not constrained by the inflexible hours of Banks and Building Society’s and can work around You.

Taking out a Mortgage is the biggest financial commitment you will take out within your lifetime and getting the correct advice at the very beginning of the mortgage process is fundamental and will save you thousands of pounds over the term of the mortgage.

Once you have made contact with a Mortgage Broker / Adviser you then only need one point of contact to deal with your mortgage requirements now and in the future.

Simply using a Mortgage Broker / Adviser is equivalent to having all the High Street Banks and Building Societies and other specialist lenders who may be more flexible in their approach to lending, all under one roof. The Mortgage Broker / Adviser will do all the work of finding the right mortgage for you and save you the time and trouble of contacting numerous lenders to find the right mortgage.

So ask yourself this question: Do I want to spend hours looking for what is the best mortgage in Manchester or do I have one conversation and get somebody to work on behalf of me ??

So have a look around my site, there are some useful blog articles I’ve written about getting a mortgage and the types of questions you’re going to get asked. Talking of questions, if you have any please let me know.

Regards, Alan

PS. Here’s the map for Manchester mortgages in Stockport, a great mortgage broker for the whole of the Stockport area.